July 2014

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Secular Bull Market ?

The question I get asked most often is "where are we in the market cycle?" Although impossible to be definitive I feel this piece recently written by Alex Lane of Dynamic Investments provides valuable insights into the possibilities going forward. Any questions drop me an email.

- Rick

Since we declared the start of a new secular bull market in US equities last July, the markets have continued...


Wealth Transfer Tips

Slowly but surely wealthy Baby Boomers’ thoughts are turning towards their own mortality as they watch their parents age and pass away. Much as they would like they cannot escape the inevitable march of time. And with that realization comes the task of preparing to pass along the family jewels and wealth to the next generation(s).

Wealth transfer can be a complex process for most families but especially wealthy ones. The range of issues involved can include family values, objectives and relationships; business continuity; investment strategy and insurance, taxes and ownership...

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When Should I Start
Receiving CPP?

The rules for the Canada Pension Plan allow you to start receiving retirement benefits as early as age 60 instead of waiting until age 65. You can also choose to wait until age 70. You lose about one half of one percent of the age 65 pension for each month you start before your 65th birthday, or gain it for each month it is delayed.

If you apply on your 60th birthday, you’ll get about 35% less of the age 65 monthly pension. But, if you wait until you’re 70, you’ll get about...

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