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The Either / Or Financial Decision

When it comes to making financial decisions most people focus on either/or scenarios; they make tactical decisions that may or may not reflect a larger financial planning or wealth accumulation context.

We often see these types of isolated, one - off decision choices illustrated in media articles that pose such questions as: Is it better to invest in an RRSP or pay down your mortgage? Should you take your tax...

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Thinking Like the Rich

There are some things that the rich do and the way they think that makes them different from you and me. These habits contribute to their ability to build and maintain long-lasting wealth and financial independence across several generations.

The first lesson is that they tend to live below their means in terms of their lifestyle regardless of their income. Warren Buffett refuses to spend more than about $15,000 on a car. His logic is that any more money spent on a car, which is just basic transportation to him, would cost him multiples of money more than that in the investment returns he...

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Naming Beneficiaries
for Your RSP’s

Most people list tax elimination or minimization as a top priority in their estate plans. For most, Registered Savings Plans (RSPs), which includes RRSPs and RRIFs, are one of their most significant assets. Most RSP accounts hold investment funds or securities that are very liquid, often accessible within a few days.

Unlike most other assets, you can choose a specific beneficiary to receive the proceeds of RSP accounts directly. By naming an individual in this manner, probate can be avoided. Often referred to as a...

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