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2015 Federal Budget Highlights

As expected, the government has followed through on the 2011 election campaign promise to double the contribution room for the TFSA.

The TFSA was introduced with an annual contribution limit of $5,000 per individual, indexed to inflation in $500 increments. On January 1, 2013, the TFSA annual contribution limit increased to...

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Living Longer & Retiring Faster

Over the last one hundred years, every new generation of Canadians has enjoyed the benefit of a longer life expectancy. With dramatic improvements in health care, the human life span has never been longer. Additionally, some have set their sights on early retirement.

The combination of living longer and retiring earlier creates a serious cash crunch because that greatly expands your time in retirement. A financial adviser can help you develop a plan to solve this critical...

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Is Probate Right for Your Estate ?

Estate planning can be an overwhelming process. Whether it is your own estate or you are the executor for someone else, the checklist can seem never-ending. A financial adviser can help make sure your checklist is complete before you start checking the boxes.

One of those items on the checklist is probate, the legal process that confirms the executor’s role. A will authorizes the executor to act on behalf of an estate, but an executor may seek...

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