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Unclaimed Balances in Bank Accounts in Canada

Our office was recently reminded how easy it is to determine if you have overlooked a bank account that has been inactive for more than 10 years and the funds have been sent to the Bank of Canada by your previous financial institution. There is no charge by the Bank of Canada for you to rightfully claim what is yours. Someone may contact you asking you to...

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But I’m Invincible

Most people have a false sense of security by believing that they will not be victims of a critical illness like cancer, heart attack or stroke; and if they are, that the healthcare system will look after them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is, according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, that 1 in 4 Canadians will contract some form of heart disease in their lifetime, and one third of stroke victims are under age 65. The Canadian Cancer Society says that approximately 6,500 cancer victims this year will be between the ages of...

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Tax Avoidance Strategy: Pension-splitting

One out of every three workers is covered by a registered pension plan (link is external) (RPP). That’s over 6 million people. Like all hard-working Canadians, they are looking forward to a satisfying retirement. Nothing helps create a pleasant experience in your golden years like a steady stream of income every month.

What if you found out you were leaving thousands of dollars on the table because of a simple tax form? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what...

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